5 Ideas for a Fantastic Father’s Day

5 Ideas for a Fantastic Father’s Day

Dads are the real-life heroes, going above and beyond to make sure every leaky faucet is fixed and no dad joke goes untold. This Father’s day is the perfect chance to show him just how awesome you think he is. Read on for our top 5 ideas for a Fantastic Father’s Day.


1. Breakfast in Bed

Let Dad catch some extra ZZZ’s while you and the kids cook up a little breakfast in bed for your #1 Dad. Nothing says “I Love You” like starting your day with some crispy bacon!

Here are our favorite recipies to make with Dad.

Make memories with Dad and surprise him with Breakfast in Bed.

2. Pick an Activity that Dad Loves

Take Dad to do something he loves. Golfing, hiking, or attending cooking class can be lots of fun and he’ll enjoy getting to show off some of his favorite hobbies.

Mom and Dad love looking back at old photos of the family. Give them more to love by making more memories with them this father's day.

3. Push Pause on Home Improvement Projects

This is the day to show Dad how much you appreciate all he does for the household, so stay away from adding to his to-do list. Cleaning the garage, doing laundry, or tackling the yard work are all tasks that can wait a day.

5 Ideas for a Fantastic Father's Day with Share Your Photos - Dad helping son build a model sailboat. Putting the finishing touches on dad's favorite hobby.

4. Create a Memento

Dad’s get sentimental too. Turn some of Dad’s favorite memories into keepsakes or mementos that he can cherish. A personalized coffee mug for the office, a Family Photo puzzle or a customized photo album are great gifts that show how much you care. Design your own personalized gifts inside the free Share Your Photos app.

5. Document the Day

Memories fade, photos last a lifetime. Especially if your kids are still young, these photos are ones that they’ll cherish when they’ve grown. Protect Father’s Day memories for years to come with our favorite backup solution, Picture Keeper. In three easy steps, Picture Keeper plugs into your phone or computer and backs up all of your photos in minutes.

Father’s Day the biggest day of the year to spoil Dad, time to show him how much you appreciate all that he does. Let us know if you agree with our 5 Ideas for a Fantastic Father’s Day on our Facebook page!



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