Celebrating the Graduates

Celebrating the Graduates

Sharing Every Moment of Graduation

From senior photos to graduation parties to the big day itself, spring is a time of celebration for graduates and their families across the country. After all of the papers have been written, tests have been submitted, and college acceptance letters have arrived, it’s time for all of us to reward our graduates for their hard work and celebrate.

While some friends and family members are able to attend graduation, obstacles like limited ticket numbers, time, and distance often stand in the way. Sharing cherished moments from graduation with those who cannot physically attend is a way to share memories with those we love. Too often, this can be overwhelming, but Share Your Photos can help you streamline the process. Let us help you plan your celebration and share it as well!





One fun way to commemorate your child’s last year in high school is taking senior pictures. These are not only precious for parents, but it helps the graduate celebrate their accomplishment and these are photos they will cherish forever. Now that they’ve made it to the end of their high school career, it is time to celebrate and prepare for the next phase of life!

Did you know?

You don’t need to book an expensive photography session to get stunning graduation pics, all you need is a nice day, a phone with a camera and your grad.

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The graduates worked hard for four years, and it’s time to celebrate them and all they’ve accomplished in high school. Using senior pictures on graduation party invitations and graduation announcements is a common way for seniors to share their memories. Family and friends love receiving these invitations and photos!




We all remember the moment your child opened the mailbox to see their college acceptance letter or received the news that they’ve landed their first job. Remind your graduate that they have so much in store and should look forward to what the future holds, but to always remember the memories they’ve made in high school. As a parent, you will be their biggest supporter in this next phase of life!

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You’ve waited so long for this day, and your not-so-little-anymore child is finally graduating! Even though all the planning and preparation may be hectic, just live in the moment and enjoy the day. Your graduate has worked hard to get there, and everything they’ve put into school so far is paying off! Graduation day is a time to sit back, relax, and make more memories together.




All the festivities leading up to graduation – the senior parties, the ceremonies, commencement itself – are all moments you will want to cherish forever. Between your family, friends, and your children’s friends, there are millions of photos that need to be shared with one another. Texting and emailing all these files would be such a pain, and that’s where the Share Your Photos App makes it incredibly easy to share all the graduation photos from each person’s perspective.



How do I get started? Download the free app on your iPhone here or Android here, and create an account. Don’t have a smartphone? Just create an account on your computer at shareyourphotos.com. Next, create an event name and invite others to join! From there, you will be able to upload all your favorite photos and share with family and friends no matter where they are.

How College students are using Share Your Photos on campus this year.

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