Summer Fun at Summer Camp

Summer Fun at Summer Camp

Summertime has finally arrived! With all of the children out of school and parents still hard at work, summer camp for the kids is a must! Campers have the time of their lives, meeting new people and enjoying all of the activities camps offer. From new friendships they will cherish to the many outdoor activities (including hiking, canoeing, and more!) to arts and crafts they make just for mom and dad, the fun at summer camp is limitless for your children.

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While the children are away, why should you wait for the pictures to come as in one big group message or to post Facebook? Being able to access their camp photos and being able to feel as if you’re there with your child is something special! The totally free Share Your Photos App can help and make it smooth sailing to connect with the camp and your camper. The app allows for parents, campers and counselors to easily share photos in one location, plus you can ensure your child’s photos are private with a unique PIN number. Also, when all the kiddos are away, it’s a quick and easy way for a child and parent to create an event so they can be sharing numerous of photos back and forth without having to constantly communicate. Here’s how easy it is:


  1. Download the Share Your Photos App (it’s free)
  2. Create a profile (it takes about 15 seconds)
  3. Create an Event (name the Event something fun like SummerCamp21)
  4. Create a unique PIN # if you want your event to be private
  5. Send an invite to your friends via text or email
  6. Start uploading photos and videos



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