Sharing Summer Travel Photos

Sharing Summer Travel Photos

What could be any better than a family summer vacation? The answer is nothing! It’s the perfect time to be surrounded by all your loved ones and take a break from stressful work and reality.

We all look forward to going for a swim in the pool, maybe heading to an amusement park with all of the kiddos, building a few sandcastles at the beach, or just hanging out with all of your family at a barbecue. Summer is the best time of the year! But who goes on a family getaway without taking an abundant amount of pictures? By the end of your vacation, you start to wonder where to save all of your photos and how to share them with family and friends. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution to get them off your phone and into a safe place!

family on beach at sunset

The free Share Your Photos app can help you! It’s as easy as 1,2,3 and it keeps them safe for as long as you need them. With the app’s ability to make public or private events, it allows you to share your memories with anyone of your choosing or just keep them tucked away for your eyes! So whether it’s just a couple family members or your whole neighborhood, your photos go where you want them in just a couple clicks! Here’s how:


  1. Download the Share Your Photos App (it’s free)
  2. Create a profile (it takes about 10 seconds)
  3. Create an Event (name the Event something fun like FamilyVacay2021)
  4. Send an invite to your friends via text or email
  5. Start uploading photos and videos


Ready to start sharing your family summer memories? Download the app below!


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