We’ve Launched!

We’ve Launched!

After months of development, improvement, and testing, our app is here and ready for use! We’re pleased to introduce you to Share Your Photos, a FREE app (from the makers of Picture Keeper) that allows all party guests to easily and privately share photo from special events.

It was created by a busy dad who knows what it’s like to take and share tons of images after every school or sporting event. But those aren’t the only uses – the options are endless: Use Share Your Photos to gather and distribute pictures from weddings, reunions, birthdays, school events, holiday parties, work functions, family vacations and more!

Who was Share Your Photos created for?

The bride and groom who want to see all the of the pictures guests took at their wedding.

The mom who wants to easily share photos of her children without worrying about the lack of privacy on social networks.

The hostess who wants to remember the fun times from her party.

The teacher who wants to collect the images parents and students took for the yearbook.

The grandfather who wants to see snaps of his grandkids without an Instagram account.

The coach who wants to share his action shots with the whole team.

The HOA board member who want to see residents’ pictures for inclusion in the neighborhood newsletter.

The social media rebel who doesn’t have a Facebook account, but wants to revel in the memories.

And YOU! Any occasion can benefit from this super-easy and free way to collect and experience pictures.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Download our FREE app here and sign up.
  • Create an event and let friends know to download the app and join with the event ID.
  • Enjoy seeing celebration photos from every angle!
  • Download your favorites to your phone or PC, print them, make books or custom keepsakes. It’s up to you!

Now it’s your turn: Our app is brand-new and we are open to feedback. We created Share-Your-Photos to make the life of people like YOU easier. Please use the app and let us know if something seems off or not easy to use by leaving us a comment below. We can’t wait to hear what you think. We hope the Share Your Photos app makes experiencing photos with your friends and family more enjoyable and stress-free. Snap (and share!) away!

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