Share-Your-Photos App Features

Share-Your-Photos App Features

Our app is called Share-Your-Photos, but it’s not just about viewing all of the pictures from an event. There are so many ways to use the app to make using and keeping track of photos easier.

Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Download event photos to your phone or computer completely free of charge!
  • If you have a limited number of text messages to send or receive per month, don’t waste them on text strings with multiple pictures. Instead everyone (Android and iPhone users) can upload them to the app for easy, cost-free photo sharing.
  • Upload your photos to the app to save precious space on your phone. We’ll store them forever for you free of charge.
  • Want to make a photo book with images from multiple smartphones? Create an event in the app and ask everyone who has photos to contribute to upload them. You can even create a hard- or soft-cover album directly from the app on your phone!
  • Make your event public or private depending on your own comfort level. It’s up to you!
  • Unlike with email or text messaging, there’s no limit to how many photos you can share.
  • Give the event ID to people who couldn’t make the event so friends and family can join in the fun!


Our mission is to help you control the chaos that occurs with traditional photo sharing. Because we want to make your life easier in more ways than one, here on this blog, we’ll be offering tips, tricks, and ideas for using the app and general iPhone and Android photography.


Our app was created to help you gather photos from your celebrations and adventures without a hitch, so we’ll also provide event-planning hints, fun party ideas, easy recipes, and more. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too!

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