6 Prom Must-Haves You Don’t Want to Forget

6 Prom Must-Haves You Don’t Want to Forget

You’ve been “promposed” to.

You’ve bought the perfect dress.

He’s got the matching tie and vest.

You’ve found the perfect shoes.

His mom picked out your corsage.

You’ve made the dinner reservations for your group.

You’ve decided where to take pictures before the dance.

You’ve googled if Uber has an age limit – and decided on the after party.


Now you’re two days out from the biggest (high school) party of the year – PROM! As you start to layout all of the details of your night, have you thought about how you’re going to see all of the pictures from your special night?


What if Jessica has “the best picture ever” from the party bus? And Brittany captured “the best group picture” from the after party? Maybe even that handsome date of yours took “the perfect candid photo” of you while you weren’t looking?


Let me introduce you to the Share Your Photos App! It’s a Free App that allows you to create an Event, upload photos, share your photos and even create custom prints directly from the App! Here’s how it works:


  • Download the App HERE
  • Create an Event ID: (Ex: PROM17)
  • Text an invite to your friends and share your Event ID
  • Upload your photos to the event (Jessica, Brittany and the 12 other people in your group can upload theirs too)
  • Choose your FAVORITE photos from the night
  • Download them to your phone instantly
  • Viola! Now everybody in your group has the photos without the annoying group texts and unexpected Facebook tags
  • And don’t forget, you can create custom prints or photo books


Once you’ve downloaded the App, here are six things I would recommend taking with you to Prom!


Bobby Pins
Yes, you already have 174 in your hair. It will fall and you will need more. Trust me.


This may or may not be your first time wearing lipstick in your life… You will need to reapply. Listen to your Mom on this one.


Breath Mints
I know the jingle of mints can get annoying when you walk, but it’s not as annoying as you subconsciously smacking gum all night.


Your shoes look great in pictures, but let’s be honest- they will make you miserable on the dance floor and dancing barefoot is not flattering.


Be yourself, dance your little heart out and reapply your deodorant once an hour. Your friends will thank you.

Picture Keeper Connect
You never know when you will run out of phone storage or accidentally drop your phone in the toilet. A Picture Keeper Connect is a quick and easy way to store your photos, allowing you to free up space on your cell. And after prom, just hand it over to your mom so she will stop nagging you about sending her all of your Prom pictures. Buy one HERE.

Prom is approaching quickly! Download the Share Your Photos App, pack your clutch with these six things, ask your parents for $20 and have an unimaginable night!

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