A College Student’s Perspective

A College Student’s Perspective

The Share-Your-Photos App is meant for anybody and everybody that loves to take pictures. Because there are so many ways to use the app, we’re starting a series that showcases how different people use the app for their event.

Today, we’re featuring how a college student uses the app and her favorite features of it. College is supposedly the best four years of your life! Your favorite memories should be documented and captured. It’s so easy to use the app in every aspect of college life – whether it’s formal pictures, spring break, sorority and fraternity events, graduation and so on.

  1. What’s your favorite event you used the Share Your Photos App for and why?

I used the SYP app for a formal banquet at my school with students, staff, and alumni. A lot of people didn’t have each other’s numbers and it was going to be extremely difficult for everyone to share photos. I made an event album in the Share Your Photos App and invited everyone to join. People uploaded their banquet photos throughout the night and when the event was over, I got to see photos of myself and others that I didn’t even know were taken! The president of my university even thanked me for finding a way for everyone to share their pictures. He loved seeing candid pictures of students interacting with staff and alumni!



  1. What’s your favorite feature of the SYP app?

I LOVE that the app is free. I’m a struggling college student that hates spending money on things other than necessities. When my friends and I found out that the app was free, we all downloaded it immediately! When a college student hears “free”, you better believe they’re going to be interested!

  1. Who would you recommend the app to?

I would definitely recommend the Share Your Photos App to college students across the United States. A lot of social events take place during the school year and it’s difficult to find all the pictures taken from events. It’s such a pain to text all of my friends trying to find out who took pictures and ask if they can send them to me! At the last formal I went to, I never got any of the pictures I was in except the ones that I took on my own phone! If everyone uploaded their photos to the app it would be so much easier to share college memories.



     4. Show us your favorite photo from your most memorable event on the app!

“This photo was taken by a friend as Bailey and I realized we forgot our tickets to a concert back at a restaurant… we had to run a mile to get them in time for the concert!” –Madison, College Student




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