The Easiest Way to Share Photos with EVERYONE at Your Event

The Easiest Way to Share Photos with EVERYONE at Your Event

It’s a common scenario: You hosted a fun gathering and were too busy refilling drinks, introducing guests to one another and making sure everyone was having a good time to take pictures.

Whether you threw a baby shower, hosted a birthday party or planned the family reunion, your guests were snapping selfies and taking photos the whole time but you can’t seem to get your hands on them afterward. You search Facebook and Instagram to see if anyone posted. You text a few guests asking for images but hardly anyone responds. You send an email asking guests for photos and learn that the files are too large to send. Ugh! You set up a folder on a file sharing site and need to walk a family member through setting up an account and uploading.

Now you have a bunch of images but they’re scattered across social media, text messages, email, and file sharing services. Who has the time to put them all in one place and make an album or share them with other guests? Not you!

How can you save yourself from photo-gathering aggravation in the future?
Use Share-Your-Photos! Our app can be used on both Android and iPhone. Even people that don’t have a smartphone can access and upload pictures by creating an account at from their desktop computer or laptop. (This feature is important to us because great-grandparents and the tech-averse deserve to share in the family memories too!)

How do I get started?
Download the app on your iPhone here or Android here, and create an account. Don’t have a smartphone? Just create an account on your computer here. Next, create an event and give it a unique event ID.


How do I let my guests know to use the app?
A few different ways. After you create the event and event ID, the app will prompt you to invite friends to join that event. You can invite them via text message (SMS) or email. You can also just share the event ID and guests can add themselves. Tip: We recommend sharing this info in advance so everyone will be ready to snap pictures and share them. Consider posting a sign with the app info and event ID or listing it in the event program to help remind people to use it. Remember, the more guests you invite, the more memories get captured and shared!


How do I upload pics?
Open the app, select which event you’d like to upload photos to and your camera roll will automatically pop up. Select which photos you’d like to add.


Can I see photos from the event even if I don’t have any of my own to share?
Of course! Download the app or sign up online, plug in the event ID and go ahead and relive the memories!

This FREE service is for EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter if you’re active on social media, if you have an iPhone or Android, or if you even own a smartphone. You’re all included!

What gathering do you have coming up that you can use Share-Your-Photos for? We want to know!

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