Easy (and Adorable!) Super Bowl Snacks

Easy (and Adorable!) Super Bowl Snacks

Whether or not the game is exciting, the food you serve (or bring to the party) will have the crowd going wild. These recipe ideas are super-simple, yet go the distance!

Touchdown Brownies (pictured above)

These are genius. They’re easy to make, but still have that “wow” factor. Make store-bought brownies like you normally would. When the pan cools, use a football-shaped cookie cutter to give them that classic pigskin appearance. Finish them off by piping white icing on to look like laces.

Football-Shaped Cheese Platter
This one can be pulled together five minutes before kick off. Arrange savory snacks like crackers, cheese squares, and pepperoni into the shape of a football.

Referee Wafer Cookies
The kids will go crazy for these. Use store-bought wafer cookies and melted chocolate to create edible referees.
Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Footballs
This charming dessert looks professional but is a cinch to pull together. Don’t even turn on the stove and melt chocolate in the microwave instead. Dip strawberries in melted dark chocolate. Let cool. Then pipe melted white chocolate or icing on to look like the laces.
Rice Krispy Treat Jerseys
The cookie cutter is back for the win! Make a tray of traditional Rice Krispy Treats and then use a t-shirt cookie cutter to make them into the shape of a jersey. Decorate them to look like your favorite team. 
superbowl_stadiumDIY Snackadium
Ok, this one is a bonus idea, because it’s not quite as easy as the others but you will go home with the trophy for most-creative food display. Just arrange your favorite snacks into the shape of a stadium. (Easier said than done, we know!) Here’s a great tutorial from Life Tastes Like Food.

After making these crowd-pleasing creations, don’t forget to take pictures! Make sure everyone has downloaded the Share-Your-Photos app and knows the event ID. Share it with fellow partygoers so you can remember the night play-by-play.For more recipes and party ideas, check out our Super Easy, Super Bowl Pinterest Board. If you make one of these recipes, please use hashtag #ShareYourPhotos so we can see it!


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