How to Throw a “Starry Night” Party

How to Throw a “Starry Night” Party

The second The Big Fake Wedding event is tomorrow night in Los Angeles. Since the party will be held at a planetarium, the theme is Moon Phases. It inspired us to put together a few ways to throw a Starry Night-themed party of our own.

This motif is a classic because it’s so versatile. It works for weddings and engagement parties but because of the sweet saying “Love you to the moon and back,” you can tweak it a bit to create a lovely baby shower or child’s birthday party, too!

Here are a few ways to give an event that ethereal feel.


Think “Twilight.”

You want the event to have a celestial ambiance, so use colors directly from the evening sky. Consider pairing gold, silver, midnight blue, and creamy whites.




Let it “Glow.”

To give the event that magical, romantic setting, play around with different types of lighting. You can use paper lanterns, twinkling Christmas bulbs, and even sparklers for sending the the couple off at the end of the evening.




Channel the Constellations.

Get design inspiration from the night sky! Use materials with romantic patterns like stars or polka dots on clothing, table clothes, or drapery. Note: You don’t want strong patterns on all of those at once. Pick and choose what works for you.




Aim High!

The magic of nighttime is the stars, planets, and moon in the distance. Try to capture some of that by hanging decorations from the ceiling. Romantic crystal chandeliers, gold streamers, or star-shaped ribbons all work well.




Dance Under the Light of Moon.

Host the party outdoors so guests are truly under the stars or create that feeling of the vastness of the universe in an expansive ballroom. A rooftop event would also be perfect!




Have you ever hosted a starry-night themed celebration? In the comments below, let us know what worked for you!

For more ideas, including decorations, favors, and recipes, check out our Starry Night Pinterest board.
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