How to Host a Vintage-Inspired Wedding

How to Host a Vintage-Inspired Wedding

Ask any wedding planner and they’ll tell you that one of the most requested themes is to have an “old-fashioned” or vintage-style wedding. Considering that a wedding is the start of a lifelong commitment, it makes sense that brides and grooms want to create an everlasting and timeless feeling for the day.   

We reached out to some of our favorite vendors based here in the South to bring you some ideas you may want to incorporate for some old-fashioned elegance.

Miss Milly’s Event Rental and Design, which specializes in the rental of exquisite furniture, trunks, suitcases and more, suggests filling an antique wheelbarrow with lush florals and personalized “Mr” & “Mrs” pumpkins to welcome guests.

pumpkins in wheelbarrow with "Mr." and "Mrs." written on them.
Courtesy of Miss Milly’s


Situate antique trunks and suitcases for guests to place cards and gifts as they work their way to the ceremony.


old-fashioned suitcases and trunks with flowers on top and a sign that reads "gifts."
Courtesy of Miss Milly’s


Mix vintage seating and an antique ceremony table beneath a trio of chandeliers for the exchange of the vows.


Lush outdoor setting with flower arrangements and picture frames on an old dresser.
Courtesy of Miss Milly’s


Make sure to keep the theme going even within the lettering. J Bell Calligraphy used the inspiration of “grey and lace” to create these menus. 

Menu with caligraphy
Courtesy of J Bell Caligraphy

The small amount of flourishing on these place cards also has hatching and line work to reflect the lace in the wedding’s theme while staying clean and unfettered in the overall design.

Place card with writing in caligraphy.
Courtesy of J Bell Caligraphy


Complement the natural surroundings with string lighting, airy blooms, lanterns and rustic farm tables.


Wedding table setting with a white table cloth on wooden tables outdoors with string lights, lanterns and floral arrangements.
Courtesy of Miss Milly’s


Use custom signage and Jack Daniels barrels with an antique door for a fun a crostini bar.


A crostini bar at a wedding with plywood places over Jack Daniels barrels.
Courtesy of Miss Milly’s


The Front Porch Special from Piper & Leaf Tea Co. based in Huntsville, Alabama, harkens the nostalgia of a portico-framed sunset accompanied by a cicada symphony.

White shiplap house with people drinking tea on the porch.
Courtesy of Piper & Leaf Artisan Tea Co.

Their tea includes local jasmine, spearmint, and cornflower with bergamot-infused Assam and Ceylon black leaves to pull off a sublime take on a Southern tradition.


Front Porch Special Piper & Leaf Artisan Tea Co.
Courtesy of Piper & Leaf Artisan Tea Co.


Classic (And Sweet) Ways to End the Evening


Select a vintage vanity to feature an assortment of creamy cupcakes.

Pecan pumpkin cupcakes on an armoire outdoors at a wedding.
Courtesy of Miss Milly’s


Use simple and clean lines (with some Tiffany bling!) to create the perfect vintage cake with a modern twist, like this one from Pastry Shells, which makes decorative hand-baked pastries custom-made for special occasions.


Wedding cake with clean lines and sparkle.
Glitter Elegance Wedding Cake from Pastry Shells


Vintage wedding cakes often include columns or water fountains between tiers to create even more height. Five tiers of delicious cake help create the height without the additional distractions.


White floral 5-tiered wedding cake.
Towering Elegant Wedding Cake from Pastry Shells


Lace is an easy way to bring in a vintage feel!


Simple Two-Tiered Cake with a Lace Design from Pastry Shells
Simple Two-Tiered Cake with a Lace Design from Pastry Shells



Don’t Forget the Favors


Tuxes, fancy dresses, and pearl necklaces… nothing says “classic” more than these Bride & Groom Cookies.


Bride & Groom wedding heart-shaped Cookies from Pastry Shells
Bride & Groom Cookies from Pastry Shells


Loose leaf teas can be served as favors in vintage-inspired tea tins, too!


Piper & Leaf Tea Co. favor
Courtesy of Piper & Leaf Artisan Tea Co.


Get the Pictures


Make sure guests take photos of all the fun. Use a refurbished chalk board to remind guests to download the Share-Your-Photos app and include the event ID.


chalkboard with details on downloading the Share-Your-Photos App at a wedding and the event ID.


If interested in prices or more info on any of these products, please reach out to the vendors directly. For more vintage-inspired wedding ideas, check out our An Old-Fashioned Wedding Pinterest board!


And if you’re in the San Francisco area, you might want to check out The Big Fake Wedding there tomorrow night with the theme “A Little Rusty” which celebrates the old-fashioned and rustic. Share-Your-Photos is the National App Sponsor for all of their 2017 events! Use event ID BFWSanFran17 to see all the pictures from the evening.


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