Android Photography Tips

Android Photography Tips

Android is one of the most operating systems in the world, and as the digital landscape remains more and more focused on mobile, it is no surprise Android remains a competitive player. One of the most popular, and most used feature on Android phones is the camera feature. Gone are the days where you needed some large camera in order to capture an image, everyone is a photographer now capturing moments big and small. So why not start taking pictures like a photographer! We here at Share Your Photos want you to be best equipped to take pictures that will build memories to last a life time. Here are our Android Photography tips to get you started:

1. Pay a Visit to Google Play

Although your phone comes with photography tools, you are missing out if you don’t check out what else is out there. In the Google Play store, you will find a variety of free and for purchase apps. Not sure where to start? Check out this article from Android Central to get started.

2. HDR Setting

Smartphones including the Android have a setting called HDR (High Dynamic Range), which allows the user to take multiple photos of the same frame at different exposure levels. As a result, creating an image with vibrant color and lighting. This setting is a great option if you are photographing landscape shots, or the lighting is very dim. If you are interested in knowing more and how to set up the setting yourself, check out this article to learn more!

3. The Rule of Thirds

This trick always seemed to be more of a video filming rule, but it is just as applicable when it comes to photography. Essentially any shot you take can be divided into three quadrants, and you never want your subject right in the center of your shot. What is great about the Android is that your camera will automatically set up lines for you to make it easier to position your subject.

4. No Flash

This should be a rule across all photo-taking devices, not just on the Android. When you use the flash, there is a tendency for the image to come out with faces washed out, and glares on background objects like windows and glasses.

5. Use Self Timer and Take Multiple Photos

Self-timer is a great tool that not enough people utilize. Not only does it give you time to set up for your photo, especially if you are a large group. But, it can also be set up to take multiple photos at the same time (helping to prevent things like eyes closed etc.)

Do you have an Android? What are your Android photography tips? Let us know! Check out our Photography board on Pinterest for other great tips!

P.s. Don’t forget to download the Share Your Photos app from Google Play to save and share all your photo taking adventures!

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