Take Great Vacation Photos With Your Smartphone

Take Great Vacation Photos With Your Smartphone

Heading out of town for Spring Break? When precious suitcase space is limited, don’t worry about packing your fancy DSLR camera to take great pictures. You can take professional-looking pictures right from your smartphone with these tips!

Prepare In Advance

Before you leave for your destination, make sure you have plenty of space on your iPhone for pictures. Use the Picture Keeper Connect to backup all of your images and clear memory for new ones. Pop the Picture Keeper Connect in your bag to free up space whenever you need it during your trip – no wifi needed!

Person holding cell phone in front of them and using Picture Keeper Connect

Include People In Your Pictures

If you come across a stunning landscape scene, such as a photo of a beach shoreline or sunset, it can be difficult to convey that beauty in a photo. You need a focal point or subject to make the picture pop. Putting a person in the photo is the perfect fix.

boy in front of blue water

Think Small

You’ll probably come across tons of panoramic scenes or wide landscape shots, but focusing on some small details can tell a great story as well. Consider focusing on one bin of fruit from a farmer’s market, a single sea shell at the beach, or a colorful doorway. These kinds of shots work best when you fill the entire frame with the subject.

photo of starfish in the sand

Keep It Casual

Come up with a list of shots you’d like to take before you embark, but feel free to take photos that strike your fancy during your travels as well. If a flower or random sidewalk bistro captures your attention, shoot away. The whole point of vacation shots is to capture the memories, so let your heart decide what’s photo-worthy and what you’ll want to remember in the future.

close up of green leaves

Share The Love

If you’re going on vacation with a group of family and friends, make sure to create an event in the Share-Your-Photos app so that everyone can upload their photos and access everyone else’s too.

Share-Your-Photos app

Savor The Memories

Before your vacation ends and you get back to the daily grind, take a few moments to order custom photo products for you and your fellow travelers right from our app. We have prints, phone cases, photo books, pillows, tote bags, and more!

photo albums and picture frames that can be made in the Share-Your-Photos app
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