DIY Gifts Every Mom Wants From Their Kids

DIY Gifts Every Mom Wants From Their Kids

diy-gifts-for-mom-2Mother’s Day is just around the corner so it’s time to talk about what moms REALLY want this year!


•H A N D M A D E Photos of Their Beautiful Children•

 Let’s face it, flowers are nice but they can be given on any occasion. Jewelry is always a nice compliment, but it should be saved for the romantic holidays. Mother’s Day is about honoring MOMS and thanking them for all they do – so get out the glue sticks and give them a gift they’ll remember!







Photo Flowers in a Card Stand
Get out the construction paper, scissors and glue sticks, because that’s all you need for this simple DIY! Make a few of these cute flowers and put them on a card or display them in a photo stand! It’s also fun to use cupcake liners so that the flowers have more detail and come off the page! Last thing to add – pictures of your kids!


Picture Flower Pot
Want to give mom the perfect DIY craft AND flowers – then this gift is the way to go! You can find the flower pot, ribbon, paint and ModPodge (you will need this to attach your photos to the flower pot) at your local Michaels craft store. Now it’s time to run by Home Depot and get mom’s favorite flowers! Want to make this gift everchanging? Purchase soil and seeds and plant your own flowers! Now Mom can watch it grow and replace the flowers throughout the season!


Popsicle Stick Photo Magnets
If your refrigerator isn’t covered in photos of your children, then you’re really missing out! These adorable photo magnets will help add character to that boring white refrigerator you can’t seem to replace. Now all of the kids’ artwork, report cards and school reminders can be held in place with a cute little photo of, well, themselves!


4 Generations in One Photo
Talk about a sentimental gift! If you are blessed enough to share your children with Grandma and Great Grandma, capture the beauty of family into one photo. Simply take the photos in the order seen in the picture (if your family lives hours away, use the
Share Your Photos App) and purchase one large picture frame to display the final image in! It’s the perfect gift to honor all the moms in the family!


Silly Face Flower Arrangement
Don’t lie, you know you have 4 thousand photos of your children. And chances are, they are probably making a different face in every single one of them. It’s time to capture all the silly faces and put them in one place! Purchase the basket, foam block, sticks and construction paper from a craft store. Spend time gluing together flower petals and add as many as you’d like to the basket. Now mom will get to see those silly faces of her children all at the same time!

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Purchasing the Prints are the easiest Part – because nobody actually has time to sit at the Photo Center. Here’s how it works: 


  • Download the App (It’s Free)
  • Tell all your Family Members about it and ask them to upload any photos they have of your kids
  • Choose your favorite photos of your children
  • Order prints of the different photos you want to use (You can purchase 11 3.5×3.5 prints for $6 and FREE shipping)
  • Have the prints delivered to your door in no time


It’s  e a s y  as  t h a t.

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