Ways to Exercise and Have a Productive Cool Down During Your Lunch Break

Ways to Exercise and Have a Productive Cool Down During Your Lunch Break

2 Exercises + A Productive Cool Down You Need To Do During Your Lunch Break

It’s the beginning of May and you’re probably thinking that it’s too late to start working on your summer body. If you start exercising on May 8th, that gives you eight weeks to get in shape by July 4th Weekend – E I G H T! So here are two exercises that we recommend doing during your lunch break:


Simply Fit Board

The Simply Fit Board is designed for an older demographic (age 40+) or people who suffer from joint and back pain. BUT it’s the perfect -minimal sweat- workout and it targets multiple areas in one swift motion. Experts say that spending 10 minutes on a Simply Fit Board is equivalent to running outside for 10 minutes. Don’t believe me? Wear a heart monitor on your wrist and test the theory! All you need is a Simply Fit Board, carpet and two 2lb weights (optional). Now find an empty room at the office or sneak into an office closet and get to twisting! You can purchase a Simply Fit Board HERE for $39.99. They also sell them at Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon.




POPSUGAR Fitness has hundreds of workout videos on Youtube! With so many options, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Want a quick 10 minute ab workout? Maybe a 30 minute cardio routine? Here are 2 of my favorite POPSUGAR workout videos:



Cool Down

Every workout should be followed by a cool down. Whether it’s walking a lap around the office parking lot, stretching, or laying in the floor for 5 minutes – You need to make sure you aren’t sweating when it’s time to change back into your work clothes. Here are 2 ways to be productive during your cool down:

1. Backup your Photos- Have you ever thought about how many pictures you have on your phone? What would happen if you lost all of your pictures? Your cool down is the perfect time to backup your photos using a Picture Keeper Connect! Simply plug in the Picture Keeper Connect to your phone, choose the photos you want to backup, and VIOLA! Now you’ve cooled down your body and your phone!

2. Share Your Photos- During your cool down, take the time to send grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle the photos from your child’s soccer game! Download the Share Your Photos App, upload your photos and they’re instantly shared with all event members! For more information on how the App works, click HERE!



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