Top 10 Apps Every Mom Needs

Top 10 Apps Every Mom Needs

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! What better way to celebrate, than to give Mom the gift of FREE APPS?


We’ve come up with our Top 10 Apps that we think EVERY Mom needs to download! If you make it to the end, there may or may not be wine (yes, WINE)! Enjoy!


Square CashThe Square Cash App allows you to send money off of your Debit Card directly to anybody in your contacts. Say your child forgets their lunch money, needs money to buy a meal before a ball game or forgets about a field trip. If your child has a Debit Card that you (as the parent) can load directly from your account – The Square Cash App is the easiest way to get money from one person to another!





Wunderlist – Wunderlist is an app that helps keep your family on track. To steer away from all the crazy calendar scheduling apps, Wunderlist allows you to assign specific family members specific tasks. Simply add your family members to the app, assign chores, and create to-do lists for your family!




Waze – Everybody knows what Waze is, but they have a new feature that we’re dying to tell you about! Waze now offers the option to set “Child Reminders”. If you set it, that means Waze will alert you with a customized message when you arrive at your destination. For example: If you set your Workplace in Waze – and you are traveling to your workplace – When you arrive at your workplace it will send you an alert that says “Is Lawson at school???” (that’s my custom message) – forcing me to look in the backseat and make sure that my son is not still in the car. Every mom needs this. Period.




– Groupon is perfect for families that like to get out of the house. Whether you’re heading to dinner, to the bowling alley, or to Mexico, Groupon has a discount for EVERYTHING. Yes, even for the summer camp that your child wants to attend. And the message that you want to book during Spring Break. They have it ALL.



logo_icon-1Share Your Photos App – The Share Your Photos App is the perfect way to share your photos with your friends and family without blowing up social media. The app is ideal for your child’s sporting events, birthday parties, Holiday work parties and more. Here’s how it works: Each guest that attends an event will receive an Event ID. Download the App, enter the Event ID, and you will now have access to a shared photo album. Any guests can contribute their photos. Then you can choose your favorites and download them to your phone immediately. It’s easy, simple and private!



pasted-image-at-2017_04_26-02_36-pmMama Bear – While we don’t encourage stalking your child’s every move, Mama Bear is an app that allows you to monitor what your child is up to. Through the app, you can set speeding alerts that will send you a text when your son is driving over (ex.) 95 miles an hour. You also have access to look up your child’s location through a gps tracking device. Our favorite feature of the app is that your child will have an easy way to access a “panic button”. The basic features of the app are FREE and you can gradually pay for more access!



pasted-image-at-2017_04_26-02_37-pmAirBNB – The AirBNB app is one of our favorites! Now and days it’s so easy to book a 5-Star hotel, order room service and have unlimited access to internet and tv- But doesn’t that take all of the fun out of exploring a new city? AirBNB is an app that people use to rent out their individual bedrooms, apartments, guest homes, camp sites, and even tree houses! You can expand the filters according to comfort zone and price, and book your stay as easy as that. Using an AirBNB over a 5-Star hotel is a way to let your children experience life in a new city- rather than spoil them with luxury. Don’t get me wrong, some of the listings on AirBNB are LUXURIOUS! Unfortunately, our travel budget doesn’t always fit into our wants and needs.




Punkpost – Being a mom takes a lot of work, and while deep down, you really want to send your Aunt Kathy a birthday card- you just don’t have the time that it takes to do so. Meet Punkpost, an app that allows you to pick a design, type your own personal message, insert the sender’s name and address & click send. Viola! Your card is now being printed, handwritten by a talented calligraphist behind the scenes, and sent directly to your Aunt Kathy who will receive the card in the mail within 2-6 business days. It’s only $6 per a card – which we think is totally worth it.





UberEats – You’re a mom. You’re not always in the mood to cook dinner. UberEats let’s you have food delivered from any participating restaurants. Check your city’s availability on their website and open the doors to hassle-free “cooking”. You’re welcome.





Winc Wines– That’s right, it says wine. Winc Wines is an app that allows you to create a personal profile based on your vino tastebuds. Select your favorites wines (they give you recommendations), choose your four favorites, and subscribe! Now you will have four bottles of wine delivered to your house or workplace (somebody has to sign off in order to have wine delivered) once a month! The app makes it easy to change the wine selection and change the quantity. Again, you’re welcome.




Not only are these apps PERFECT for Mom, we also recommend a Picture Keeper Connect! It’s a device that allows you to save and store your photos with just a few simple steps. Once your store your photos to your Picture Keeper Connect, you can now free up storage on your cell phone that you wish you had. We like it so much that we’re giving you 40% OFF when you use the promo code: MOM17 – Enjoy! SHOP HERE! 

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