How to Use a Photo App for Memorial Day Weekend

How to Use a Photo App for Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day is just around the corner and let’s face it – you don’t have another day off until Independence Day. So let’s make the most out of Memorial Day Weekend by hosting a Garden Party at a local venue near you. Here are some steps to get started:


First, Choose a Venue
In order to host the perfect garden party, you need to choose a beautiful venue. Think about a place that will appeal to all of your guests: Golf Course, Country Club, Historic Homes with an outdoor garden – You get the picture!



Create a Digital Photo Album for Your Event
Share Your Photos is a free app that allows you to create a photo album for your event that all your guests can contribute to. If your invite list contains 5 people or 50 people, everyone can have access to upload their photos and videos into one album. This is a way to share your pictures with your friends and family without having to search through Facebook and Instagram for them. It also saves the photos as a high resolution! Simply download the free app and create an event.


Send out Invites
Make it easy on yourself and take the digital route this year! Create a Facebook Event page or even send out digital invitations using Punchbowl. Make sure to tell your guests about the photo album you’ve created through the Share-Your-Photos app so that they have time to download it before the party! Simply include a link to download the app and share your Event ID (Ex: MEMORIALDAY)!



Decor, Food & Drinks
When hosting a party on a holiday, it’s easy to get a lot of people involved. Ask around to your girlfriends and see what everyone can contribute. Whether it’s table cloths, centerpieces, flowers, lights, metal tins for drinks or serving glassware – keep it unique and accepts different styles of decor! This will help you stay on budget 🙂 When it comes to food and drinks, it can get expensive purchasing enough food for everyone attending. If you plan to do so, I would recommend easy things you can cook on the grill. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and veggie skewers, chicken wings or brats. Now that you’ve provided the main course, you can ask the guests attending to bring their favorite side. The same goes with drinks! Invest in a few gallons of lemonade, beer, and wine, then offer for the guests to bring their own beverage if they want something other than what you’re providing!



Time to Party
Now it’s time to party! Throughout the day, make sure to take plenty of photos! Everybody takes pictures and videos from different angles. It’s guaranteed that somebody else will take a picture of you that you absolutely LOVE. Make your pictures accessible to everybody at your party by uploading them to the Photo Album you created in the Share-Your-Photos App! It’s quick and easy – a lot easier than trying to text the photos back and forth to each other, especially if you have some people using iPhones and others using Android devices.

Savor the Memories
Now that your event has ended, it’s time to create something beautiful to remember it by! You can easily select your favorite photos from the party and create photo books, magnets, stickers and more through the Share Your Photos App. Click here to see all the cool things you can create from the app!



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