Share Your Photos VS. Facebook – Why you need BOTH

Share Your Photos VS. Facebook – Why you need BOTH

5 Reasons to Choose the Share Your Photos App Over Facebook For Events


When it comes sharing your pictures with friends and family, Facebook is one of the most popular places to do so. But let’s be honest, not everybody wants to see every single photo that you took from your husband’s 50th birthday party. Luckily, Facebook allows you to upload entire albums to the site so that you don’t have to choose your favorites. So let’s say you’ve uploaded your album to Facebook: Jason’s 50th birthday party and it contains about thirty pictures. Think about it, you’re just one guest out of 30- So how is everybody else uploading their photos? That’s why you need our app. It gives multiple guests one place to upload photos and videos.

Here are some reasons why you should post your pictures to the Share Your Photos App and NOT Facebook:



  1. The Share Your Photos App is private. When you upload your photos to Facebook, your Facebook friends can see it. When you are tagged in Facebook photos, your friends (and friends of friends) can see it. The same goes for the person posting the picture. Their friends AND their friends of friends can see it.
  2. The Share Your Photos App will protect your photos and who sees them. Users can join one of two ways: (1) Enter an Event ID code and (2) enter an Event ID code AND a four digit password. Unlike Facebook, this provides extra protection for your photos. This also gives you protection from any future employers seeing your Spring Break pictures from Mexico. You can thank us later 🙂
  3. The Share Your Photos App is all about quality and quantity. When you upload your pictures to Facebook and use a filter, the image loses its quality and it’s no longer high-resolution. You won’t have that problem on the app! The Share Your Photos App also allows you to download any photos and videos that you like directly to your phone or computer (that’s right, you can log into the app from a desktop!
  4. When using Facebook, you have to be friends with a person in order to see the photos they upload. So if you’re in a candid group photo, and you’re not friends with the person posting the picture, how are you going to see it? Save yourself the trouble and use the Share Your Photos App. Access the photos you want, when you want!
  5. The Share Your Photos App is organized. If you upload a picture or video to an album, it will remain in that album. While Facebook allows you to upload albums… that doesn’t always mean that everyone wants to see that album. Social media is still a place to view the highlights. While albums are great- 80+ pictures posted all over your timeline, are not. The app makes it easy to post albums and save your favorites for sharing purposes.  


With the Share Your Photos App, you have unlimited space to upload your photos and videos and YOU control who can upload their own photos to the album! Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE Facebook (take a look for yourself)! But when it comes to sharing photos from an event with all of the guests, the Share Your Photos App is the way to go!


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