The Big FAKE Wedding

The Big FAKE Wedding

If you haven’t heard of The Big Fake Wedding, it’s basically a bridal show alternative that includes a real married couple’s vow renewal, light bites, and a dance party reception. There’s also a “Tunnel of Love” area where local vendors have their products and services on display for the future brides, grooms, friends, and family members that are in attendance. An event like this, allows all types of wedding vendors to showcase their best talents. Do you want everlasting bouquets of flowers made from paper? Maybe you want custom flavored macaroons? Unique items like this make the Big Fake Wedding the place to be for any bride-to-be or event planner! Not a bride or an event planner? That’s okay! You’re welcome to join in on the fun too! It’s kind of like attending a friend’s wedding that you don’t know- No Big Deal 🙂

Share Your Photos is the proud photo app sponsor for the Big Fake Wedding. What does that mean? It means that we provide a free app for all of the guests attending a Big Fake Wedding event! It’s a simple and quick way to share your pictures and videos with all of your guests – and everybody’s pictures go into one album. It’s a MUST-HAVE wedding app that we want every bride to know about!

Here’s how it works:


To join an event, you simply enter in the event ID to that event and you will have access to all of the pictures and videos from the Big Fake Wedding. Easy as pie.



We have a cute hashtag for our wedding. Isn’t this the same thing? Nope. Since wedding guests tend to only post a few select images on social media, you can miss out on some really great pictures. If you ask guests to download the Share-Your-Photos app and give them the event ID, you can access all of the photos afterward. We guarantee you’ll find a bunch of framers in there that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise! We love hashtags and posting to Instagram too (follow us!) and suggest you make your Share-Your-Photos event ID and your unique hashtag the same to keep it simple for guests.

Can you use this on both iPhone and Android? Yes! And even someone who has a flip phone or is using a digital camera can log onto our website afterward to upload their photos and view the rest.

Are the photos private or public? It’s up to you! Only people with the event ID can access the photos and you can share that with whomever you’d like. If you’d like an extra layer of privacy, you can select that option and then users will need a special pin in addition to the event ID.

How much does it cost? It’s FREE! You can download the app, upload an unlimited number of photos, store them there indefinitely and even download as many as you like—all for FREE!

Do I need to let my photographer know about Share-Your-Photos? You can, but you don’t have to. We hope the images you get from your photographer will be gorgeous, but Share-Your-Photos is for those candid shots that your guests take throughout the night. We often hear from brides whose favorite photos were random moments that a friend or relative happened to capture on their smartphone. Plus, the photos won’t only be of the happy couple, but also bridal party selfies and snaps of guests having fun throughout the night.



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