Make the Most out of Summer Break

Make the Most out of Summer Break

Summer Break is finally here! Once you graduate high school OR college- you no longer get a summer break. Trust me, you want to make the MOST out of your summer break before it’s gone. So here are some awesome discounts and ideas to take advantage of this summer!

Food Deals




Sonic Happy Hour

  • 2pm – 4pm: ½ price drinks & slushes
  • After 8pm: ½ price shakes & ice cream slushes




Taco Bell

Taco Bell


Taco Bell

  • Taco Bell has a new $1 menu: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.
  • $1 Breakfast menu ends at 11am.
  • Happy Hour: 2pm – 5p: $1 drinks



dunkin donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts Happy Hour

  • 3pm – 6pm: $0.99 Any Size Hot or Iced Coffee or Tea
  • At participating locations


RaceTrac Sodapalooza 2017 (PRNewsfoto/RaceTrac)

RaceTrac’s Sodapalooza

  • Purchase a Sodapalooza cup from any RaceTrac for $11.99 and receive “FreeFills” on sodas and frozen drinks all summer! If you’re a RaceTrac Rewards member, you can download a coupon to receive $2 OFF of a sodapoalooza cup.

Other Fun Ways to Enjoy the Summer




  • Why KOA? It’s not like a typical campground. Many KOA locations offer the options to rent cabins. No, these are not luxurious cabins. The cabins don’t include kitchens or bathrooms, meaning you still have to use the outhouse and cook your food over a fire. They have cabins that sleep 2 people up to 6 people. Simple rent a cabin, get a group of friends together and split the price! 
  • Nearly 500 campgrounds
  • Some campsites include swimming pools, playgrounds, outdoor activities and discounts to nearby attractions. 


float the river


  • Click HERE to find a tubing destination near you!
  • Pack a cooler and BYOB!


 bbq pinterest board

Host a Summer BBQ

  • Have you ever heard of Cash & Carry? It’s like a Sam’s Club or Costco minus the yearly subscription- so you don’t need an ID to get in! To be honest, they’re a little run down, but food is food! Search Google for your local Cash & Carry and make sure to buy the food for your BBQ at the lowest price possible (or just borrow your mom’s Sam’s card). Whatever floats your boat.
  • Find a friend/ apartment with a pool
  • Everybody pitch in on food and drinks
  • Enjoy the afternoon!
  • Take a look at our Pinterest Board full of ideas!



Cheap(er) Flights

  • Use your student ID this summer to receive student discounts on flights, domestic and international! Click HERE to check out the website! 



Side Hustle

  • Sign up to deliver for UberEats: You would only “work” during meal times and you get to create your own work schedule!
  • If you know somebody who delivers for UberEats, get their sign up code and receive a cash bonus just for signing up!


grafiti wall

Keep Your Pictures in One Place

  • Download the Share Your Photos App!
  • When it comes to summer break, there is usually a group of friends that stick together the whole summer. While not everyone wants their mom and grandma to see pictures of your friends drinking at a bonfire… Your friends want to see those pictures!
  • Download the App and create a photo album! Share the event ID with your friends and enjoy a shared photo album all summer! Yes, Android users can be a part of this album, too!

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