What Dad Really Wants For Father’s Day

What Dad Really Wants For Father’s Day
Dad’s can be hard to shop for. Don’t let them fool you – when they say “they don’t want anything for Father’s Day” – they definitely do! They just don’t know how to narrow down all the things they want.


Here are 5 things that they don’t want to admit, but would LOVE to receive for Father’s Day!



Guy’s Night

Can you actually think of the last time dad got to go to a sporting event with his friends? HIS friends, not yours. An actual sporting event where he didn’t have to be home by a certain time and he didn’t have to do any chores when he got home… It’s probably been a while. Gift dad with a Guy’s Night this year. Buy him 2-4 tickets to a sporting event (make it clear that he doesn’t have to take you), a gift card to his favorite sports bar and a gift card for Uber (yes, that’s a thing) so that he doesn’t to worry about getting home safely. Note to self: Make sure to set up Uber on his phone before he leaves or he probably won’t use it.


A Camping Trip

Dads like the outdoors. They enjoy weekend camping trips, but usually Mom is the one planning the festivities and Dad is just along for the ride. Try switching it up and letting Dad choose the campsite, the activities, the meals, etc. Now let’s be real – Mom will still have to book the campsite and schedule the activities – but initially, it was Dad’s idea 🙂


The Ultimate Adventure

If the kids are ages 7-13 – consider spending the day experiencing the ultimate laser tag course, a paintball obstacle, a trampoline gym or a rock climbing gym. Indoor Skydiving has been on the rise and it’s open for children 3-years-old and up! Click HERE to find an iFLY location near you. Activities like this are not something the kids get to experience all the time, so Father’s Day is the perfect day to give it a try!


Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Pictures of the kids are not just a gift for Mom, Dads like them too! The tricky part is finding where and how Dad will store them, keep them or display them. If Dad works in an office, a cute picture frame would work for the desk. If Dad works on a jobsite, a laminated photo on a keychain would be ideal. Does Dad wear a uniform? Get the kids a costume similar to Dad’s work uniform and do a mini-photoshoot reenacting what THEY think Dad does all day. This will give Dad a good laugh and make him proud 🙂 Upload your photos into the Share Your Photos App (a free photo app) and print your pictures on a photo book, tshirt, magnet, stickers and more! Here is a list of all the cool things you can make through the app!



There’s something about a new pair of shoes that puts every Dad in a good mood. Pay attention to what he’s been spending time on. Whether it’s work, yard work, hiking, fishing, adult softball, exercising – or if he just needs a new pair of dress shoes – invest in a nice pair of new shoes. Want to go over the top? Book an adventure that he would need to wear his new shoes for! No matter the holiday, you can never go wrong with shoes.




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