Pictures from College: How I Wish I Had More

Pictures from College: How I Wish I Had More

College is supposedly the “best four years of your life.” If this statement is true, wouldn’t you want to document it?

With rush week, formals, and other social events come loads of pictures. Memories on memories flood people’s phones and cameras, however, how often do you get to see all of the pictures from an event?

Two years ago, I went to an Alpha Tau Omega fraternity formal at Pepperdine University. All of the brothers and their dates met at a special venue next to the ocean in Malibu to take pictures before heading off to the formal. The view was absolutely amazing. The house was situated right next to a cove on the beach with palm trees and blue water. I knew the pictures were going to be so good! We even ate dinner at Malibu Seafood – right next to the ocean on Pacific Coast Highway!

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There were so many people snapping pictures that I couldn’t keep up with what pictures were on who’s cell phone. Eventually everyone left for the formal and the next day, when I wanted to look at my pictures, I went to my camera roll and realized I only had about 20 photos from the night. All of my other pictures were on other people’s phones.


A couple days later I texted my date and asked him to get our pictures from his friends and send them to me. People were frustrated that they had to send specific pictures to specific people because of the amount of time it took. Long story short, I never got any of the pictures other people took for me. So many of my memories were lost!

I wish I had known about the Share Your Photos App. With this FREE app, there could have been a shared photo album that everyone in our group could share photos in.

How exactly could the Share Your Photos App make it easier for college students to share their photos from formals, rush week, and other social events? We have the answers!

  • It lets all of your friends keep their photos in one place
  • It stores the photos in the app (for free) and doesn’t take up space on your phone
  • You can easily share the event ID with your friends through a text so that they can access the photos
  • Upload as many photos and videos as you want – and keep them in high-resolution
  • Don’t go through the hassle of tracking down your memories!


College is something to cherish and the app would have made it so much easier! I can’t wait to use the Share Your Photos App for all my future formals and social events!

Best of Luck,

Madison @ Share Your Photos




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