5 Ways To Be A Killer Maid Of Honor

5 Ways To Be A Killer Maid Of Honor

The Maid of Honor’s job is to provide emotional and logistical support to the bride throughout the entire wedding and wedding planning process. This job is a big responsibility, but with a few tips and tricks it may be an experience that you will treasure forever!



1. Making sure all the bridesmaids fulfill their own duties.

The bridesmaids should plan and host pre-wedding parties, buy their dresses, and assist the Maid of Honor however they can. The Maid of Honor is responsible for delegating tasks to the bridesmaids. With the help of the bridesmaids, the wedding tasks will be much easier to tackle!

2. Providing advice on colors, cake, dresses, venue, decor, invitations, and more!

The Maid of Honor should ensure that the bride has someone with whom she can share her ideas. A big wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the details should be perfect. The bride should love all the elements of her shower, bachelorette party, ceremony, and reception!

3. Helping keep the bride relaxed.

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful because of all the details that go into it. The Maid of Honor must keep calm, and most importantly, keep the bride calm. Making the bride laugh is extremely important. It’s more of a stress relief than anything else. Keep drama far, far away (and the bottle of wine close by)!

4. Have everybody’s contact information.

The Maid of Honor needs to have everybody’s phone number: parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, siblings and event coordinators. Even if the Bride is using a wedding planner, the Maid of Honor needs to be able to relieve the Bride of any confusion or miscommunication. For this reason, make sure to keep everybody’s phone number extremely close by.

5. Coordinating shared pictures from guests and members of the bridal party.

Of course on the big day there will be a professional photographer, but the bride won’t want to miss out on the photos taken by friends at her shower, bachelorette party, and reception! These photos can provide a hundred different angles of moments that the professional photographer doesn’t get. Also, friends may take more pictures of the guests at the reception then the photographer does! The Share Your Photos App is perfect for photos that belong to guests and the bridal party.


Here’s how it works:

  • Download The FREE App.
  • Create An Event: Ex: Amy’s Wedding Reception
  • Share Event With Group: (Ex: AmyWedding17)
  • Text The People At The Event And Invite Them To Join Your Album
  • Share Your Photos In Order For Everyone To See The Pictures You Took, Share Their Own Pictures And Clear Up Storage On Your Camera Roll!




You don’t want to make this journey without the Share Your Photos App. It will help you collect memories from all angles while keeping them in one place!


“My best friend [the bride] LOVED seeing the goofy pictures that her guests took on their phones during the reception! We wouldn’t have all these moments without using the Share Your Photos App!”

-Aria Morgan, Maid of Honor



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