How to Get Exactly What You Want For Your Baby Shower

How to Get Exactly What You Want For Your Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower and coordinating gifts can be difficult- especially when you have more than one shower. Have you ever thought about adding your child’s nursery decor to your registry? Why not? Guests attending your shower want you to have exactly what you need in the most genuine way possible. Whether it’s diapers, a nursing bra, a wine subscription or baby shampoo- if you want/need it- somebody will get it for you.


So how
exactly do you ask for what you want?

  • Approach the kind soul(s) planning your baby shower. Simply say “I’ve found the most beautiful decor for _______’s nursery and I think it would be so cute to decorate the shower with the nursury decor. This way, money won’t be wasted on decorations and the shower theme will be adorable!”
  • Make sure you know what decor you want. I recommend building a registry on just for Nursery Decor. Once you have spoken with the hosts of your shower about the decor you like, send them a link to your favorite Etsy Shop or a link to your registry.
  • In order to have the decor in time, simply add a *Note* to the item in the registry and make sure people know you want it before a specific date. This way, you would have all of the decor delivered before the day of the actual shower.

Once the decor is all picked out on Etsy, it’s time to head to and create your registry. Target now offers an app for any smartphone that allows you build a registry according to the “most wanted” items. All you do is search the categories, check the items you want and it’s added directly to your registry without ever leaving the couch! If you want to kick it old school (or just like the fresh air), Target also has this magical scanner that lets you stroll up and down the aisles and pick out what you want. It’s like buying an abundance of things without having to pay for them– seriously, it’s the best. I recommend scanning everything you like to start with. It’s a lot easier to login into your registry from a desktop and delete items than it is to have to remember where you saw that 4oz tube of Butt Paste and add it back to the list.


Now that you have two registries made, share the Etsy registry with close friends and family (people who will agree that your nursery decor would be adorable as shower decor, too) and share your Target Registry with everybody else 🙂


*** Note to the expecting mommy: People hosts showers so that they can help you acquire the things you need. Having a baby is expensive. Worrying about finances while expecting a baby is the last thing anybody wants. DO NOT FEEL BAD for asking for something you want. People would rather get you something you will use over Johnson’s Baby Lotion that will sit under the sink for the next 5 years. Take control of your shower and be specific with everything you want and need.


Now that you have the most precious decor for the shower, make your life even easier with the Share Your Photos App. It’s a free app that let’s all of your guests post their pictures to one, collective album. So instead of you having to chase down 25 people for pictures- let them do the work and help you out. Here’s how it works:

  • Download the free app
  • Create an Event Name and Event ID (the event ID is a unique code that allows people to access your photo album)
  • Share the event ID with your guests at your shower (It would help to make an announcement at the shower about having everybody download the app and post their pictures to the album)
  • After everyone has posted their pictures (and videos), you can create photo albums, prints, posters and more! Click here to all the custom gifts you can make!


Shoutout to Aria @ HeyLittleLilly for having the most adorable baby shower ever! Her decorations were bought from TheWoodsCollective, BlairBailyDesign, SimplySoltysi and PrettyInPolkaDotsky


I hope these tips will help you have a beautifully decorated baby shower AND nursery 🙂

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