Family Vacations & Reunions – The Best Way to Share Your Memories

Family Vacations & Reunions – The Best Way to Share Your Memories

It’s that time of year again – The family reunion everybody has been looking forward to! Summer is the perfect time to pack the kids up and head to the beach. This trip is the one time of year that we have all 30 family members from all across the county in one place, for one week- Myrtle Beach! I come from a very large family. Thanks to my grandparents, our family tree reaches well over 30 members so time spent together is something we cherish.

We take this family vacation every year and every year we hire a photographer to take photos of our family since it’s the one time that we all get to be together. Throughout our week at Myrtle Beach, we also book activities together: one day we’ll all rent jet skis, the next day all of the girls go shopping while the guys play golf and throughout the week we take tons and tons of pictures. Throughout the week, we spend so much time saying “Hey, send me that picture!” or “Email me the pictures from dinner!”

It’s so easy to get sucked into technology and constantly worry about photos and all the social media nonsense – until we discovered the Share Your Photos App. This app has given our family the ability to put all of our pictures and videos into one album- for everybody to see. Let me paint a picture for you:

While mom is at the pool with kids, dad is down at the beach playing bocce ball. While Aunt Amy, Aunt Terry and Aunt Linda are shopping at the outlets, Uncle Bill, Uncle Carl and Uncle Ted are at the golf course. While Nana is with her grandson experiencing the ocean for the first time, Grandpa is taking a nap in the condo. While all of the “older” grandkids are having a blast at the go-cart track, the parents are enjoying dinner. Because our family is so large, not everybody is always in the same place at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to miss out on those special moments with the kids and pictures that are worth a thousand words.

Since using the Share Your Photos App, every family member who has a smart phone (basically everybody) can upload their own pictures into one album. So now, when Sarah takes pictures of everybody from the go-cart track and uploads them to the album, Mom at dinner can see her photos without having to ask her to share them. When Josh saves his snapchat story from the golf course and uploads it, Uncle Bill can see it after enjoying a nap in the condo. Just imagine, if everyone on vacation would contribute their own photos and videos into the Share Your Photos App, you could see your family vacation from a thousand different angles!

Here’s how you create an event:

  1. Download the free Share Your Photos app and create an account.
  2. Tap the Create Event button in the app. Give your event a name, set the date, and then you can start inviting your family!
  3. Send out invitations to the Share Your Photos app through text messages or email.
  4. Once invited, everyone can start sharing their photos in real time!


The app is the perfect way to take the “photo” responsibility off of one person’s shoulders and lets everybody do their part. What started as a “photo sharing app” has now become an app I refer to every single day to view pictures from our family vacation.


The Share Your Photos App is the ultimate photo-sharing tool. It’s time to redirect the time spent towards managing photos and put it towards savoring those precious memories!


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