How to Document & Share Your First Week of College

How to Document & Share Your First Week of College

College orientation week was quite possibly one of the most busy and stressful weeks for me. The university attempts to acquaint you with the school, the customs, the surrounding areas, and all of the people joining you – all in one week. However, some of my favorite memories from college come from orientation week, including the people I met, the things we did, and the experiences we shared!

Many of my favorite memories from college were made during orientation week. I barely knew the people I was with at the time, but now, they are some of my best friends. What’s great is that we used the Share Your Photos app to share photos with one another from the week, and now we all have those photos to look back on and reminisce on our first week of college!  

My university had different activities scheduled every day of the week. The first day was move in day! I have hundreds of photos from arriving on campus, meeting my roommate, and decorating our room together. Other people in our dorm also took photos, so we shared them all in the album on the app instead of having to post them all to Facebook or text them back and forth.

Other orientation week activities included a trip to the beach, a scavenger hunt in Los Angeles, ice-cream socials, a picnic dinner, and a concert at the president’s house! The week had us running from one activity to the next without much time to rest.



I would meet someone and maybe even take a photo with them, but by the time the activity was over, they had disappeared and I hadn’t gotten their phone number! A group of us decided to spread the word for everyone at orientation to put their photos in the Share-Your-Photos app public event “Pepp Orientation”.

My mom, amongst others, kept begging to see pictures after she dropped me off my first day. I shared the event album name with her so that she could look at all of the photos without having to ask me every day (so much easier!).

When orientation was over I found at least 30 pictures I was in that people had uploaded into the event album. Now, I will always have my first college memories locked and stored in one place.

Share-Your-Photos app not only helped me document my first week of college but share those memories with others. Now, we all use the app to share memories together as friends, not strangers, throughout our college experience.


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