Photo Editing Apps

Photo Editing Apps

Today, our smartphones are our cameras. We can capture a beautiful family portrait or scenic landscape photo, edit it to have the perfect lighting and crop, and share it to all our friends and family within a couple of minutes. When it comes to editing your pictures, there are thousands of different apps you can chose from. Here are our Top 5 Photo Editing Apps that we use on a daily basis to help you narrow down your list:



The Over App lets you take an image and add text on top of it. You can chose from a ton of different fonts and colors and create a perfect card, graphic, banner, flyer, Instagram post- whatever you want! You can also edit the photos using filters, add patterns and create images from a template.



The Afterlight App provides tons of packages that can be purchased with all different kinds of filters. They provide a filter within a filter. You can add glares, hard light, tinting and more. The app consists of  15 adjustment tools, 79 filters, 78 textures, cropping and transforming tools, frames and more. They offer a feature that allows you to place frames around your images. This is perfect for posting a picture on Instagram that is long and would typically get cut off or cropped. With Afterlight, you can add a frame and shrink the image to size.


Instasize is the only app that allows you to make a collage, edit images and edit videos with an easy to use interface. The app lets you crop and resize your images and videos so that they fit perfectly on whatever social media platform you are using.


A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess was created by two bloggers, Elsie and Emma. Their blog is extremely successful and they have a very obvious theme for their images on social media. Their theme is so cute that they decided to make an app so that everybody can create photos like theirs. The app include photo filters as well as hand drawn graphics. It’s customizable and super easy to use.



PicTapGo includes over 70 photos effects and allows you to layer filters and save your own custom filter recipes. It includes film and vintage filters, crisp black and white and beautiful color effects. Our favorite feature is that you can view your image with all of the filters applied on one page. So instead of clicking through each photo, you can see them all in one place.


Once you have that perfect picture, share it to your friends and family in the Share-Your-Photos app!



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