The Best Photo App For Rush Week

The Best Photo App For Rush Week

Rush Week is just around the corner! Have you thought about how to keep your pictures organized and in one place? Rush Week is a hectic time for all sororities- Whether your college has 10 sororities or 25 sororities- It’s crucial that all pictures within your House are accessible to all active members during the time of recruitment. So here’s the best way to organize your pictures and videos during Rush Week so that you can have a stress-free week and access pictures without having to ask for them:

Download the Share Your Photos App

There are many different photo sharing apps out there but not all of them offer the exclusive features that we offer!

7 Ways that we are Different than everybody else


High Res
The app uploads and saves the images in the high-resolution that the photo was taken in- say goodbye to blurry pictures and distorted filters.

The app is PRIVATE! That’s right- You decide who can join your event and you control who can see the pictures. We have the option for a simple password or you can add a 4-digit pin number to access the album. If somebody joins the album who is not in your sorority- delete them! You are in control.

The app lets you upload videos. So let’s say you posted an Instagram story that you absolutely loved (but not as many people saw it as you wanted), upload it to your Sorority’s Rush Week album for everyone to see!

Download Your Favorites
The app let’s you save all of your favorite pictures and videos to your phone. This means that if your sorority collected over 1,000 pictures during Rush Week, you have the access to go through all of the pictures and choose your favorites. Then you simply download them to your phone and it will automatically save in an album format in your phone. This way, all those pictures that you didn’t want aren’t taking up any storage in your phone.

Android Users
The app can be downloaded by anyone with a smartphone. iPhone users have a special feature through iPhoto to have a shared album, but it’s only accessible to iPhone users. The Share Your Photos app will include Android users- along with anybody else who downloads the app to their smartphone.

Computer Access
Let’s say you have a photographer at Rush Week- or just somebody taking pictures with a digital camera. Those pictures can be uploaded to the app too! How? You simply go to and login to the app just like you would on your phone. You can then access all of your pictures and videos from a desktop! Easy peasy.

Remember Beyond Rush Week
The app has the option to print your favorite photos on magnets, stickers, photo albums, tshirts and more. You no longer have to download any additional apps to have your pictures printed or have gifts made. Even better- it’s delivered to your doorstep within 7-10 business days.


For some Freshman, Rush Week is the first experience they have into the “college world”. Make it memorable! Once initiation is over and all of the new member’s have been accepted into the sorority, you can give them access to the photo album and let them experience what Rush Week was like from a hundred different angles and not just their own!



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