A Mom’s Perspective

A Mom’s Perspective

The Share-Your-Photos App is meant for anybody and everybody that loves to take pictures. Because there are so many ways to use the app, we’re starting a series that showcases how different people use the app for their event.


Today, we’re featuring how a Mom uses the app and her favorite features of it. Children are messy, scattered and adorable and all mom’s want to capture every moment. The app gives the privacy mom’s love and the attention that children love. It’s so easy to use the app in every aspect of a child’s life – whether it’s newborn pictures, vacation, baseball games, spring break, graduation and so on.


Posted by Nana


  1. What’s your favorite event you used the Share Your Photos App for and why?

I really enjoyed using the Share Your Photos app during my family vacation. At the end of the day, everybody would upload their pictures to the app and I would see pictures that I had no Idea were taken. There we so many pictures of my son with his cousins that I never saw. Since it was his first time at the beach, I was able to collect all of the pictures that were taken of him through the app. It was fun to sit around the table and talk about everybody’s pictures that they took – “Oh when did you take that?!” or “This is so cute!”


  1. What’s your favorite feature of the SYP app?

My favorite feature of the app is that it allows you to post videos. When you send a video through a text message, it loses its resolution and it takes up a nice chunk of memory that you will never get back. I had tons of videos from my family vacation of my son! I’m a video person anywhere… so if it’s a memorable moment, I would chose a video over a picture. Once my son started getting comfortable with the ocean, we took videos of him sticking his head under water and jumping through the waves. Those are memories that my entire family would enjoy so the app was the perfect place to put it. It’s also hard to save a video to your phone directly through a text. With your app, you can download videos directly to your phone whether you have an iPhone or an Android.


  1. Who would you recommend the app to?

I would recommend the app to families, or groups of friends who like to hang out together. It’s easy to post everything to social media, but people prefer that you limit the number of pictures that you post from one event. The app allows you and your friends to upload as many pictures as you want. It’s so much easier to put all of your family vacation photos into one album instead of sending the individual images to dad’s phone, grandma’s phone, grandpa’s email, etc (you get the picture). So if there are photos that you want your friends and family to see and not social media, the Share Your Photos app is the perfect tool to use!


  1. Show us your favorite photo from your most memorable event on the app!

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Moms everywhere would benefit from the Share Your Photos App. Kids grow up quickly, and you have to take and collect all the photos you can- while they let you! 😉


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