A Graphic Designer’s Perspective

A Graphic Designer’s Perspective

The Share-Your-Photos App is meant for anybody and everybody that loves to take pictures. Because there are so many ways to use the app, we’re starting a series that showcases how different people use the app for their event. 

Today, we’re featuring how a graphic designer uses the app and her favorite features of it. The app can be used professionally as well as for fun! As a graphic designer, Kara finds the app useful for organizing and saving her images. It’s so easy to use the app in every aspect of design– whether it’s to store images, organize which images need to be worked on, or save finished edits.


What’s your favorite event you used the Share Your Photos App for and why?

My favorite event that I used Share Your Photos for was 4th of July this past year when my brother came to visit. I wasn’t in any of the photos I took on my phone, but when my entire family uploaded their photos I was able to actually get photos with my brother and I both in them. I only get to see him once every few years so having those means a lot to me. I ended up with more lively candid photos, of things like eating a watermelon at my grandparents house, rather than the standard group pose we normally do.

What’s your favorite feature of the SYP app?

My favorite feature is being able to download the photos from the website onto my computer. I like to photoshop my favorites and it makes it a lot easier than trying to email them to myself.


Who would you recommend the app to?

I would recommend this app to people that aren’t photo editors. Other people in the group may be and can edit your duds into a good photo! My mom uploads her photos to the app, then I download, crop and edit them before uploading them back to the event!


Show us your favorite photo from your most memorable event on the app!



“This is my favorite photo from the 4th of July event because it’s the only picture I got with my brother. Luckily my dad snapped a few!” –Kara, Graphic Designer



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