A Mother of the Bride’s Perspective

A Mother of the Bride’s Perspective

The Share-Your-Photos App is meant for anybody and everybody that loves to take pictures. Because there are so many ways to use the app, we’re starting a series that showcases how different people use the app for their event.

Today, we’re featuring how a mother of the bride uses the app and her favorite features of it. A daughter’s wedding is one of the most special things you will experience in your life! Your favorite memories should be captured without the stress of documenting every moment yourself.  It’s so easy to use the app for a wedding – whether it’s the guests’ candid photos, the photographer’s uploads, and so on.

  1. What’s your favorite event you used the Share Your Photos App for and why?

My favorite event I’ve used Share Your Photos App for was my daughter’s wedding.  I was able to put my phone down knowing I would be able to see everyone’s photos. It took stress off of me!

  1. What’s your favorite feature of the SYP app?

Of course my favorite feature is being able to see all of everyone’s photos, and it’s so easy to use!

  1. Who would you recommend the app to?

I would recommend this app for anyone having an event whether it be a wedding, shower, family gathering or even a family vacation! This app can be used all the time! Create your event and tell everyone- post away!!

  1. Show us your favorite picture from your most memorable event on the app!



“It’s very hard to just pick one picture that would be considered a favorite because so many people used the app and we were able to see “things” we wouldn’t have gotten! I love this picture (even though it might be a bit blurry) because it was posted by an aunt in black and white! My eyes were closed during this prayer and it brought tears to my eyes to see this special moment between my daughter and her soon to be husband!” –Meloni, Mother of the Bride




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