Capture all the pictures from your Christmas Party

Capture all the pictures from your Christmas Party

This Holiday Season, make sure to share your memories with all of your family members! Everyone knows that Christmas is the perfect time to get the family together, bake cookies, cozy up around the fire, watch the never-ending Lifetime Christmas specials and, of course, take pictures! The Share-Your-Photos App is the perfect way to share your pictures and videos with all of your friends and family at one time! Whether it’s a company Christmas party, a family get-together or just a fun-filled night of bonfires and hot chocolate, the Share-Your-Photos App is a hassle-free way for everyone at your event to share their pictures and videos. No event is too big or too small! Whether you have 5 guests or 500 guests, the Share-Your-Photos App lets you upload your pictures one time and then everyone else will have the option to download the ones they love to their phone! No more annoying group texts or sending 3 pictures at a time through email.


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If you’re heading to a company Christmas party, the Share-Your-Photos App is the easiest way to make sure everyone can see all the photos- whether they took the picture or they were in the picture! The app is free, so the first step is to have everyone in the office download the app. Once they’ve created a profile (it takes about 30 seconds), it’s easy to “Create an Event”. We recommend naming your event something fun and easy to remember – like HDCHRISTMAS17 (Home Depot Christmas 2017- get it?). Once the event has been created, make sure to tell all of your co-workers the name of your event. They can easily access the event from their phone or their computer. Now it’s time to get the party started! You can upload any photos or videos into the event in the app at any time! You only need to share your pictures ONE time. Once your pictures are in the app, your co-workers can access them anytime they want. They can even download their favorites to their phone and create custom prints and gifts through the app!


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The Share-Your-Photos App is a free resource that will make your photo-sharing experience easy and stress-free. Everyone knows that it’s aggravating trying to collect all of the pictures from an event and get them into one place. The Share-Your-Photos App is here to ease the pain- so that you can enjoy your event and savor your memories!



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