Capturing Every Moment of the Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Day Dance

Capturing Every Moment of the Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Day Dance

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a father and his daughter! That is what makes Daddy-daughter dances so special. It’s a time for their bond to grow stronger and make memories together at what might be her first dance!

Schools host Daddy-daughter dances events once or twice a year, but Valentine’s Day father/daughter night is always extra special. With all the dancing, games, photo booth, and other festive activities throughout the night, there are many of great moments that are certain to be captured on camera (or let’s be real, your phone!). How is the school supposed to organize sharing ALL these photos? And how do you gather photos from everyone at the event that has photos from different perspective? OR how are the dads attending supposed to share photos with the rest of their family? We’re excited to say that we have a simple solution for you!  

The Share-Your-Photos App is a quick and easy way to share photos from Father/Daughter Dances and all events, both big and small. Best of all, it’s FREE! All you have to do is download the Share-Your-Photos app on your smartphone, create an event – let’s say DaddyDaughter2018, and start uploading photos! That way you can have all the photos in one place without sharing them on social media. From there, everyone can decide which ones they want to download and keep!


Now, the tricky part of using the app for school events is to be sure everyone attending is aware and downloading the app so they can share pictures of their fun night. We have a few suggestions that makes it easy to tell everyone:


Include in the Invites

When planning the event, you can have the event already created before sending out invitations! That way you can include information on how to download the app and the Event ID when you announce the date of the dance. If they’re online invitations, you can even link to the app store!


Share an Information Card

If you have goodie bags or other welcoming gifts for your guests, you can include a small card about Share-Your-Photos. It can tell guests exactly what to do to download the app and get started sharing their favorite moments from the dance!


Make an Announcement

Last but not least, it’s a great idea to make an announcement at the Daddy-daughter dance! It’s the best way to address everyone at the same time and make sure they know where to find their incredibly cute Daddy-Daughter pictures on the Share-Your-Photos app!



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