Using the App for Girl Scout Events

Using the App for Girl Scout Events

Samoas. Tagalongs. Thin Mints. Our mouths start watering at the names alone! While these craveable cookies are beyond tasty, Girl Scouts offer so much more! They give back to the community, offer learning experiences, and participate in a wide range of events. Keeping track of all the photos from each event and sharing them with all the parents can be a hassle. The Share Your Photos App is the easiest and most efficient way to share these memories with one another!

If you, your daughter, or your friend is a girl scout, you know the amount of work that is put into the organization’s events. Girl Scouts gain experience in four core areas: STEM, Outdoors, Life Skills, and Entrepreneurship. With each skill, there are a variety of meetings and events that you will definitely want to document. And that’s where we come in!!

girl learning about a plant


All you have to do is download the Share Your Photos App, create an event name, and invite others to join. From there you will be able to upload all your photos from the event and everyone invited in the event can upload theirs too! Parents will then be able to decide which photos they want to download of their child.

Often privacy is an issue when sharing photos of children. You don’t want to post on social media without having a parent’s permission, and it’s tricky keeping track on whose photos you can or cannot post. With Share Your Photos, you can make the photos as private or public as you’d like! If it’s a public event, anyone who knows the Event Name (e.g. GirlScoutsRally2018) is able to join the event on the app. If it’s a private event, members must then know the Event Name AND a unique PIN created by the event owner. These two steps make sure your event photos are private to only those you want to see them!

Now that you know how to use Share Your Photos App, let the hard work be focused on the community service and learning, and let’s keep sharing your favorite photos simple! Download the app today to get started.


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