Use our FREE Wedding Photo App & Get a FREE Hardcover Photo Book!

Use our FREE Wedding Photo App & Get a FREE Hardcover Photo Book!

We created Share-Your-Photos to make it easy for party hosts (and their guests!) to easily keep track of and access all of the photos from an event.


Planning a wedding can be stressful, so we’re always glad when newlyweds tell us that using the Share-Your-Photos app made them feel more relaxed on their big day. Instead of worrying about whether their photographer captured every perfect shot, they knew their guests had their backs too.


In fact, we often hear from brides who tell us their absolute favorite picture from the day was one a friend or family member took. That makes us so happy and is why we do what we do!


Preserving memories is important to us (we are the makers of Picture Keeper after all!) so we’ve decided that for a limited time, we’ll give away one hardcover photo album (valued at $38.99) to a bride (or groom) that uses the app for their wedding!


In order to claim your photo album (which holds 20 full-sized, color images), email to tell us your event ID. (Don’t worry, we won’t access the photos. It’s just to make sure you really did use the app.)


The photo album is just one of many gorgeous products that you can order directly from the Share-Your-Photos app. Showcase your memories on phone cases, throw pillows, tote bags (those make great bridesmaid gifts, by the way!), posters, prints and more!

This quick video walks you through the process:

How to Print with Share-Your-Photos from Picture Keeper on Vimeo.

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