St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas for Kids

Whether you’re Irish or not, March 17th is a fun day to be a kid. It’s a day devoted to good luck, rainbows, and wearing green!

We gathered some of our favorite ideas for making the day memorable for your little leprechauns.

Try this four-leaf clover hand craft.
They say no two shamrocks are exactly the same, but these will be even more unique with your little one’s handprints as the leaves! This is a great activity to keep kids entertained during a party. Plus, all guests get a keepsake that can can display again every March.

St. Patrick's Day shamrock handprint craft

Make Shamrock-shaped cupcakes!
Use traditional store-bought cupcake or muffin mix, marbles, green food coloring and Mentos candy to make these adorable shamrock-shaped cupcakes from Easy Cupcake Decorating.

green shamrock-shaped cupcakes

Chase the rainbow.
Everything doesn’t have to be green on St. Patrick’s Day. Think rainbows and pots of gold to vary your offerings. Keep it simple (create rainbow-colored fruit skewers) or go big (with this Chocolate Rainbow Cake). You can also use food coloring to make different colored ice cubes and rainbow water. Bye bye, juice boxes! Little kiddos will think this is the coolest drink ever.

chocolate rainbow cake

Have fun with favors.
These shamrock-chocolate pretzels are great favors or goody bags for your child’s class. Arrange mini pretzels into a clover shape and put in the oven with a Hershey’s kiss. The kiss will melt and secure the pretzels in place. Decorate with green M&M’s to complete the look.

Shamrock-shaped chocolate and pretzel snack for St. Patrick's Day

Burst their bubble (in a good way!).
We love this idea from The Dating Divas. It’s a St. Paddy’s Day spin on the pinata. Fill colored balloons with candy and sweet notes For example, fill one balloon with Pop Rocks and a note that says, “I hope you’re day sham-rocks!” They have six different note and candy combos on their website.


multicolored balloons filled with St. Patrick's Day treats

How do you make the holiday special for the children in your life? Post on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to let us know or post pictures with the hashtag #ShareYourPhotos.

Check out our St. Patrick’s Day Party for Kids Pinterest board for more ideas.

And finally, if you’re having a party or taking pictures of the events at your child’s school, don’t forget to set up an event in the Share-Your-Photos app to capture all of the magic of the day!

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