Five Easy Ways to Incorporate Photos Into Your Wedding Day

Five Easy Ways to Incorporate Photos Into Your Wedding Day

As special to you as your wedding guests may be, most of them weren’t around to share in every detail of your blossoming romance, and your soon-to-be spouse’s family and friends probably didn’t know you during childhood. That’s one reason so many brides and grooms love to incorporate photos into their weddings. It’s a great way to share your story and favorite memories with guests (and since your wedding day is often one of the best days of your life, it’s nice to look back on some other special moments too).


Planning a wedding? Consider using photos in these inventive ways. Best of all, you can create all of these right from the Share-Your-Photos app!


Take table settings to the next level

Include mini square photo prints ($11 for 23 prints) on your place cards. Instead of table numbers, let guests figure out where they are sitting by matching up their place card photo with a larger photo found on each table. The double-sided photos from our app are perfect for this ($2.49 each). Guests usually get to know the people at their tables, but your guests will want to wander around to look at all of the other pictures too. Your guests can get a glimpses into your history while they get to know other guests. It’s a win-win!

mini square photos


Push the envelope

Many people use their engagement photos on Save the Dates, but imagine how delighted friends and family will be to see a photo of you on the envelope! Use photo stickers ($22 for 24) as custom seals for your invites.

circular photo sticker as envelope seal

Honor the pastand your parents!

Give a tribute to both of your parents’ wedding days by taking a photo of you and your spouse each holding up a print ($2.49 each for a cardstock print) of your own mom and dad’s wedding days.

Photos of parents weddings

Create personalized bridal party gifts

You chose your bridal party because of all the amazing memories you have with them. Help them remember those good times (while you make more!) with a photo gift. Bridesmaids will love custom tote bags ($31.90) or mugs ($16) with pictures celebrating your friendship.

custom tote bag with picture

Give photo favors

Custom photo products make sweet favors. Planning a destination wedding? Give your guests a practical giftand a laughwith flip flops ($20) or towels ($33.50) with the happy couple on them. Magnets ($13) are great favor options too!

custom photo magnet



Did you know you can create all of these items right from your smartphone with the Share-Your-Photos app? And it’s so easy to do!

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