Planning a Spring Baby Shower

Planning a Spring Baby Shower

Planning a Spring Baby Shower this year? We’ve got just the tips you need to stay on budget and keep it simple!



Backdrop & Table Decor

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Oh Baby Theme // Lovely Rain Theme // Sunshine Theme

When it comes to decorating the tables for a baby shower, it can get a bit overwhelming. 8 tables, 40 chairs, place settings, centerpieces and party favors are a lot to decorate individually, so here’s an idea: Focus on decorating ONE table. Take one 10×10 table, decorate it, display the food so that every plate is at a different height, create a cute backdrop and VIOLA! The main table (food, of course) is the center of attention!


Centerpiece & Place Setting
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Bow Tie DIY Napkins // Rain Boot Centerpiece

After you’ve made one table the main attraction, feel free to add little decorative goodies to the individual place settings. For the centerpiece, flowers inside of a rain boots are adorable and cheap! Search your local thrift store or children’s consignment for used rainboots, this way you’ll have a variety of styles! Rolling your plasticware into napkins and adding a cute bow/ bowtie is also an easy way to add some finishing touches to the place setting!


Gifting the Mommy-To-Be

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At this point in time, every mommy-to-be out there has created a Baby Registry. Many guests like to buy the mommy something off of her registry; whether it be diapers, wipes, or bath products. But who’s to say that mom doesn’t want to enjoy a gift for herself after the baby comes?

 So here it goes : Mom, add something YOU want for yourself to your Baby Registry!



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Take Pictures & Show Everyone
2 hosts, 40 guests, children, husbands, pets – Just admit it, baby showers can get hectic. But that shouldn’t be a reason to miss out on a memory! Make sure everyone at the shower is taking pictures! Have your guest download the Share Your Photos App! Here’s how it works:


  • Download the App HERE
  • Create an Event ID: (Ex: EricasBabyShower)
  • Display a cute picture frame that says:
    “To see all the photos from today, use event ID: ERICASBABYSHOWER”
  • Have all the guests upload their photos to the event
  • Choose your FAVORITE photos from the day
  • Download them to your phone instantly
  • Viola! Now all your guests can see your pictures without the annoying group texts and unexpected Facebook tags
  • And don’t forget, you can create custom prints or photo books

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use the Share Your Photos App at your next event!

The Free and Easy Way to Share Your Photos



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