Share Your Photos vs. Instagram – Why You Need BOTH

Share Your Photos vs. Instagram – Why You Need BOTH

5 Reasons to use the Share Your Photos App Before Posting To Instagram

When it comes sharing your pictures with friends and family, Instagram is one of the most popular places to do so. But let’s be honest, not everybody wants to see every single photo that you took from your nephew’s 3rd birthday party. People who follow you on Instagram only want to see the highlights – Like your three favorite photos from your nephew’s birthday party. Not the 12 individual pictures that you have of him swinging a bat at the piñata.
Here are some reasons why you should post your pictures to the Share Your Photos App and NOT Instagram:


  1. The Share Your Photos App is all about quality and quantity. When you upload your pictures to Instagram and use a filter, the image loses its quality and it’s no longer high-resolution. Yes, that’s why the picture is blurry when you try to zoom in on Instagram. You won’t have that problem on the app!
  2. The Share Your Photos App allows you to post pictures and videos of any size. The App does not constrict you to 30 second videos and it allows you to post more than 10 pictures at a time!
  3. The Share Your Photos App is organized. If you upload a picture or video to an album, it will remain in that album. Instagram is one L O N G feed. It could take 30 minutes to find the picture you’re looking for, but the Share Your Photos app makes it easy and simple to find photos that you’ve posted.
  4. The Share Your Photos App is private. Users can join one of two ways: (1) Enter an Event ID code and (2) enter an Event ID code AND a four digit password. Unlike Instagram, this provides extra protection for your photos.
  5. The Share Your Photos App allows you to download any photos and videos that you like directly to your phone or computer (that’s right, you can log into the app from a desktop). Instagram does not allow you to save/download a photo – You have to screenshot a picture if you want to see it appear on your camera roll. And don’t even think about trying to save videos that you see on Instagram.


With the Share Your Photos App, you have unlimited space to upload your photos and videos and YOU control who can upload their own photos to the album! Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE Instagram (take a look for yourself)! Instagram is the perfect way to display your HIGHLIGHTS – But when it comes to sharing photos from an event with all of the guests, the Share Your Photos App is the way to go! 

pasted-image-at-2017_04_26-09_42-amHere’s our most recent photos from our Instagram Feed 🙂 

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