A Mom To Be’s Perspective

A Mom To Be’s Perspective

The Share-Your-Photos App is meant for anybody and everybody that loves to take pictures. Because there are so many ways to use the app, we’re starting a series that showcases how different people use the app for their event.

Today, we’re featuring how a mom-to-be uses the app and her favorite features of it. The app can be used for all pre-baby events and planning! As a mom-to-be, Aria finds the app useful for sharing photos with excited family and friends. It’s so easy to use the app in every aspect of a pregnancy– whether it’s to store images from baby showers, keep the aspects of your pregnancy and newborn that you want private, and eventually share newborn pictures!

1. What’s your favorite event you used the Share Your Photos App for and why?

As a mom-to-be, we used the app for my gender reveal, baby shower and plan on using it once our little one is born as well. It was great to be able to share photos from my gender reveal and baby shower for my relatives who couldn’t make it. I also loved how easy it was to save my favorite pictures on to my phone without having to remember who took which picture and texting them to send it to me. Pregnancy brain is a real thing – so making it easier for the mom-to-be is so helpful!

2. What’s your favorite feature of the SYP app?

My favorite feature of the app for a mom-to-be is the privacy of the app yet still being able to share your photos and get photos from all your friends and family involved with the events. With my pregnancy and the details of my child, I’m more private and don’t want to share every single picture and detail for all of social media to see. But I want to involve my close family and friends, so Share-Your-Photos allows me to easily do that (without having those random people from high school commenting on it;) )

3. Who would you recommend the app to?

I would recommend the app to all moms-to-be, moms, parents or anyone wanting to share their photos and videos with family and friends easily and privately.

4. Show us your favorite picture from your most memorable event on the app!

“We had a gender reveal party at our house with our closest family and friends. We used the app for everyone to upload their pictures and videos they took from the party. This is my favorite photo that my mom took on her phone when the smoke bomb went off and exploded pink letting us know we’re having a girl! We were so surprised and happy!” –Aria, Mom-to-be


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