$300 UBER Gift Card Giveaway

$300 UBER Gift Card Giveaway

What could you do with a $300 UBER Gift Card? Think of all those dreaded, long walks home from the bar… I mean library. And everyone knows that trying to find parking on game day is impossible. You could have an awesome party coming up want to arrive like a Queen in a fancy ride- $300 will cover Uber premium on more than one occasion. How about the times that you rode with a friend but “you’re ready to go”? Or maybe you got caught up studying all night and realized you’re not going to make the bus before your final. Let’s face it. You NEED an Uber gift card. So here- have ours.

Here’s how to win the $300 Uber Gift Card:

1. Download the FREE Share-Your-Photos App in the app store (it literally takes 30 seconds).
2. Create an account (it only asks for Email & Password).
3. Click Join an Event!
4. Enter the event ID: #SHAREYOURUBER
5. Upload your own photo of how your get around town or around campus! It can be anything- walking, biking, taking a bus, driving a car, skateboarding, etc.

That’s all it takes! At the end of the giveaway, we will decide who’s “around town” photo we like best! It’s super easy to enter and one person will win a $300 Uber Gift Card. The Giveaway starts on August 21st and ends September 29th. We want to give students the chance to experience events on campus without the hassle of worrying how to get to and from those events. Just like our app, we want to create a hassle-free way of photo-sharing.  


The Share-Your-Photos App is easy to use and perfect for any type of campus event. Let’s say you’re heading to a tailgate with a group of friends. Anybody with an iPhone or Android can download the app. Once the app is downloaded, click “create an event”. The app will ask you to create an Event ID and then you can send a text to all your friends letting them know you’ve create an event. So instead of texting pictures back and forth and losing the quality of the photo, you can easily post your pictures & videos into one album. We’ve made it easy to collect your favorite pictures & videos from your favorite events and store them in one place. You can download your favorites to your phone and create custom gifts and prints through the app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, make sure to create your own event and try it out at your next tailgate, birthday party or campus event!






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