5 Millennial Bloggers You Need to Follow

5 Millennial Bloggers You Need to Follow

So what’s the big deal with blogs, anyway? In today’s culture, social media has taken advertising by the reigns and opened up a whole new ball game using social media influencers and bloggers. Many people start blogs with the hopes of developing a brand, publishing content in large scale magazines, writing personal reviews on products/ companies they like, advocacy and more- the options with a blog are endless. Bloggers have always had an impact on their readers because they’ve developed a relationship and offer honest opinions and honest explanations.

There has been a change of scenery in the past 5 years and we’re all for it. It’s called SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media is being ran by millennials and the power of social media has allowed young bloggers to grow their brand at record speed. In the past, bloggers would grow their brand by writing blogs and publishing desired content. There would be an occasional share on Facebook and it would be connected to their personal Instagram accounts. Now that young bloggers have taken the lead in social media, they can reach a larger audience outside of just their blog!

So here are 5 Millennial Bloggers that are killing it at blogging AND at social media:


by Taylor Mead




by Amanda Cross


by Leslie Presnall



by Alix Maza





by Sydney Hilderbrand
(the millennial blogger behind the keyboard)


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